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Lake Aeration Application

Lake Aeration Application

If you own a small lake of 1 to 2 acres, you can effectively improve the life, look and smell with the use of Hakko Air Lifts. Hakko is acceptable for lakes 10 feet deep or less. The use of lake aeration also helps to prevent the winterkill of fish.

The air hole created keeps ice from forming on the lake and allows the lake to breathe in winter. Lake aeration has expanded to include shoreline protection, providing open water areas for waterfowl and water quality improvement.

Upwelling CurrentLakes become anaerobic and stagnant in the deeper sections. The circulation of oxygen does not reach the bottom layers.

The bacteria in the bottom sediment requires oxygen in order to break down the build up of debris.

If oxygen is not available anaerobic decomposition sets in. Anaerobic decomposition results in a very slow break down of debris and a resultant toxic accumulation of Hydrogen sulfide and methane.

Algae tends to bloom in such conditions due to the excessive sludge and nutrients buiding up on the lake bottom. Aquatic life tends to suffer in these low oxygen stagnant conditions. The lake is becoming a swamp. Overall your lake is slowly dying.

Lake AerationThe simple addition of a Hakko Air Lift will bring oxygenated water down to the bottom and spread out the oxygen concentrations evenly within the lake.

The bacteria in the sediment can now properly break down the organics in an aerobic environment very quickly.

The sludge and nutrient levels in the lake bed are naturally decomposed and reduced and the algae starves out.

The lake becomes alive again and the aquatic life begins to thrive and reproduce as the air lifts breathe new life into your lake. Simple and natural.