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Aeration Kits 2000 Gallon Pond Kit

Pond Kits up to 2000 gallons

Pond Kits up to 2000 gallons

This kit is suitable for small fish ponds with low to medium fish populations. It includes a Hakko 25LP air pump, 20 ft of 5/8" sinking hose and a 9" Air Disk w/ weighted base with all connections. If you have a heavy fish load you may choose to upsize your kit to the next level.

Our aeration kits combine all your fittings, hoses, air diffusers and Hakko pump to match your requirements. This makes it easy for you to get the right set up for the best results and long term performance. If you need extra sinking hose please specify below.

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2KAK2000 Gallon Pond Aeration Kit$259.00 Add to Cart
SAH10Additional Sinking Hose per 10 feet$30.00 Add to Cart