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Help - Troubleshooting Safety Switch Reset

Safety Switch Reset

Hakko Air Pumps have a Safety Switch which is designed to turn off the motor if the rubber diaphragms wear out. The rubber diaphragms are attached to the magnet which vibrates back and forth. If the diaphragm wears out the magnet will start to vibrate excessively. You will hear the pump making a lot of noise. The safety switch senses the excess vibration and turns the motor off to prevent damaging the motor. Sometimes during shipping the pump will get bumped too hard and the safety switch will turn off. If your pump does not turn on brand new right from the box this may be what happened. You can reset the switch very easily. If your pump has been running with bad diaphragms for long periods the switch may shut off and you will have to turn it back on after you replace your diaphragms. The switch is easy to reset.

Please open pdf file for instructions on resetting your safety switch.

  PDF File for Safety Switch Reset