Authorized Hakko Air Pump Dealers

Hakko has Authorized Dealers around the country. Buying from an Authorized Dealer can ensure that you purchase authentic products that qualify for exclusive Hakko Warranty and Service Programs.

If you are unable to visit a dealer in person, we have a select group of Authorized Online Dealers that sell all of our products through their web sites.

Locate an Authorized Hakko Dealer near you who carries Hakko Air Pumps.
Dealers are listed in alphabetical order.

Aqua Art Pond Specialists
Location: 11-F Poco Way
American Canyon, California
URL: Visit Site
Phone: (707) 642 7663
Aquatic Creations
Location: 2909 Urbana Pike
Ijamsville, Maryland
URL: Visit Site
Phone: 301-831-8200
Children of the Sun Koi
Location: 14707 N.E. 13th Court
Suite B102
Vancouver, Washington
URL: Visit Site
Phone: 360-991-1117
Goldfish World
Location: 3860 Convoy Street
Suite 113
San Diego, California
URL: Visit Site
Phone: 858-541-7878
Laguna Koi Ponds
Location: 20452 Laguna Canyon Rd
Laguna Beach, California
URL: Visit Site
Phone: 949-494-5107
Mud Monsters
Location: 8324 Washington Street
Albuquerque, New Mexico
URL: Visit Site
Phone: 505-217-2856
Okanagan Koi
Location: 1605 Garner Road
Kelowna, British Columbia
URL: Visit Site
Phone: 250-765-5641
Pond Clear Products
Location: 1674 U.S. Highway 11-W
Bristol, Tennessee
URL: Visit Site
Phone: 423-217-1332
Pond Filters Direct
Location: 1432 SW 30th St
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
URL: Visit Site
Phone: 954-524-6005
Smoky Trout Farm
Location: RR 1 Site 3 Box 26
Red De, Alberta
URL: Visit Site
Phone: p. (403) 342-5
Koi & Pond Tip of the Day
March 25th, 2017
Summer usually means increased pond water loss due to evaporation, which of course leads to topping off our ponds more. You should always add dechlorinator when topping off the water level of a pond. Any amount of chlorine (such as that found in treated water) can be harmful to your fish. Even if it is not enough chlorine to mean immediate death of the fish, this chlorine can still cause harm to proper gill function.
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